Arena is a place where everyone can challenge themselves, their character and their team for glory and cash prizes. There is no place for weakness or excuses: only careful planning of your build, choice of equipment, development of battle tactics and management of your character will not let you die, and it is only strategic thinking, selection of the group composition, distribution of responsibilities for each fighter and the ability to use your enemy's mistakes that will help your team to win. Arena is the Colosseum in the world of Diablo 4. This is the venue where your enemies' blood is spilled and you get the love of the audience. Or the hatred. Everything depends on you.

    • The first Diablo 4 Arena tournament will be held on July 28, 2023
    • Teams of 2 to 4 players are eligible for participation. There are no restrictions on the team composition, character classes, or character level. In the future, other leagues such as 1 vs 1 an PvP on hardcore are planned.
    • The exact regulations are developed for each tournament. For the first one, it is established that the battles will be conducted in playoff mode, in BO3 (Best Of 3) format.
    • The winners will receive the glory of the world's first Diablo 4 PvP tournament victors. But that's not all.
    • The 1st place team will receive $500.
    • The 2nd place team will receive $350.
    • The 3rd place team will receive $200.
    • To participate or follow the tournament, join our Discord server at Contacts page below!

Tournament regulations

Rules. pdf



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